Yet another beginning

We crashed.

For months, we had been engrossed in the Ars Moriendi video project mentioned in our last two blog posts. It was very exciting, intricate, and overwhelming. Once all that collapsed on our heads, we took quite some time to revive and climb out of the rubble, but we have been very slowly regaining momentum. Our two longer-term projects are both due in Lent 2023: one is to pick up the pieces of Ars Moriendi and the other is to finally perform the in-person Passiontide programme which we had planned for 2020. Passiontide will be our first time performing in person for nearly three and a half years!

Before those things happen, we’re planning to do a few smaller things, one of which will be the re-release this month of the video of What Is Our Life by Orlando Gibbons. We’ve been experimenting with new audio and visual tools, and you’ll see some of the effects in the updated version of the Gibbons (which will also make its way into the first Ars Moriendi video set) and in other standalone videos.